Consulting is providing advice in a particular area of expertise. As we cannot be “all things to all people” we focus on what we are good at. This means we only deliver in the areas of management, finance, sales, marketing, customer service and human resources.

We assist organizations to increase their performance through the analysis of existing business issues and development of agreed plans for improvement. As an outside organisation we provide that essential subject knowledge and objective perspective.

We can provide assistance in a number of areas, including organisational change management, coaching skills, strategy development, business planning and operational improvement.

With our simple and practical methodologies, surveys and frameworks, we work with you to identify the key issues and then recommend actions to bring about more effective and efficient ways of performing business tasks.

We employ Seven Stages to Consulting.

Stage 1. Entry & Interview. Initial contact and parties determining expectations and if they can work together.

Stage 2. Agreeing the business issues and contract ‘sign off’

Stage 3. Collecting data, from where and whom

Stage 4. Data analysis and reporting recommendations

Stage 5. Implementation; how? who? when? where?

Stage 6. Review against expectations, goals and success factors

Stage 7. Further engagement or termination

We are not employed to run the business so the sooner the client owns the process and terminates our services, the happier we are.

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