Customer Service


The following Customer Service training programs are available:

Quality Customer Service (QCS)

Machines give service, people give delight. Make sure your people aren’t mechanical when serving customers. Customer delight comes about by adding value to the transaction, delight by doing the common things uncommonly well.

Emphasis is on developing the right service attitude, meeting customer needs, giving quality service, handling irate customers, telephone skills, obtaining orders, developing the sale, contacting the customer.

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Customer Service Support (CSS)

Over the life of your product your customer will see more of your Support and Service personnel than they will of your sales representatives. These people are the ones who can pave the way for future sales without the customer perceiving any pressure to buy.

This program improves interpersonal and customer handling skills by concentrating on personal presentation, approach techniques, effective communication, explaining benefits and outcomes, satisfying concerns and recognising buying signals.

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