Mark up, Margin. What’s the difference?


Just the difference between a profit and a loss.

This half-day interactive program is proving extremely popular. It allows participants to recognise the impact of price reduction on the bottom line and the relationship between price and volume. It is enabling sales people to present a business case based on profit, margins and stock turns and the impact of deals.

Result: the sales person moves away from explaining price to delivering value.

A quick test:

Retailer buys for $1.45 and sells for $1.92.
What is the mark up % and margin %?

Retailer buys for $1.35 and wants to make a margin of 28%.
What should be the retail price?

Retailer buys 1,440 units for $5,040.00 and sells each unit for $5.40 . If sell price is reduced by 5%, how many more will have to be sold to make the same Dollars?

Retailer has sales of $60,000, Cost of Sales of $52,000 and Average Inventory of $1,000. What is the return on Inventory Investment?

Dates for 2016

Melbourne: 19th May; 23rd August; 17th November

Sydney:        17th May; 25th August; 15th November

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