The following sales training programs are available:

Selling in the Route and Food Services Environment (FMCG)

To succeed in the FMCG environment, the sales person must not only have a good depth of product knowledge and motivation, they must also thoroughly understand the primary motives of their customers and tailor their presentation accordingly. The successful sales person must be constantly looking for and creating opportunities to professionally present their product and add value to every interaction.

This program uses our proven selling platform of PIOSMA. This builds a flexible sales structure with successful outcomes through planning, interpersonal and qualifying skills, satisfying concerns/objections, closing and timely administration.

Ideal for the experienced sales person as well as the individual just entering this exciting profession.

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Influencing The Sale (IS)

How much easier life would be if people communicated and behaved in the same manner. It would also make sales predictable and boring. Fortunately, customers are different and it is important to recognise those behavioural differences for effective communication and selling.

In this interactive one-day program we concentrate on the communication process, advanced questioning and listening skills, the four communication / behavioural styles, handling the different styles, adaptive selling and communicating for a win / win situation.

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Performance Driven Sales Management (PDSM)

Managing sales people is like raising children! They want a framework and direction, values and development, attention and encouragement, a role model and coach. There’s also rivalry, conflict and strong emotional appeals to justify actions. Apart from that, managing a sales force and getting the best out of them is easy.

We recognise the peculiarities of managing these people and focus on defining sales strategies and goals, price/profit relationship, leadership, motivation, problem solving, handling conflict, coaching and counselling for high performance. People who will benefit most are those who have, or are about to have sales people reporting to them.

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Strategic Account Management (SAM)

It is 11 times more expensive to sell to a new account than it is to an existing one. Your most important accounts need special attention to provide unique propositions to each of them. High performers understand their customer’s business and the arena in which they operate, they know the business cycles, strategies and goals as well as the ‘movers and shakers’ in each account.

This program focuses on executive selling, the buying process, decision criteria, need recognition, satisfying concerns, organisation structures, people power, assessing your chances and developing the account.

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The P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Sale (PS)

The aggressive, self centred sales person no longer has a place in today’s sophisticated, demanding and client centred world. Recognising this, we concentrate on needs analysis selling to understand the client’s desired outcomes, which produces the benefits to buy for mutual satisfaction.

Using the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. platform we can plan and achieve sales success.

  • Plan the objective of the call
  • Establish rapport
  • Research needs for the right solution
  • Focus on the benefits to match customer needs
  • Explore and satisfy concerns before they become objections
  • Close to commitments
  • Tidy up

We place emphasis on planned selling for flexibility and using existing social skills for assertive behaviour, rather than promoting aggressive sales techniques.

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Selling to Retail (SR)

Our surveys revealed that retailers considered 6 out of 10 representatives were a waste of time. Why? Because they did not understand their business and were only interested in getting a product into the store. Retailers are not interested in keeping your product, they are only interested in selling it – so show them how they can move it ‘the last three feet’.

This program focuses on category management, the seven retail variables, the role of the representative, communicating effectively, the planned call, the sales presentation, obtaining orders, the regular service call and merchandising effectiveness.

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Success Through Assertive Retail Selling (STARS)

When the store is open, every day is a performance. But rather than the salesperson being the centre of attention, it is the customer we should focus on.

Skills learned include personal presentation, store cleanliness, greeting customers, benefit selling, obtaining the order, selling add ons, encouraging the customer to return.

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Time and Territory Management (TTM)

If you dont know where to go for maximum returns, then a lot of those sales skills are wasted.

This program applies good business practises to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity; to work smarter.

The focus is on scoping and planning one’s territory, sales forecasting, defining the A. B. & C. accounts, best calls to get results, return on time invested, ways to maximise selling time and minimise time wasters.

This one-day program is ideal for the sales person who has to self-manage themselves and their territory (geographic or industry) in the limited time available.

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